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Spreads will be adjusted half an hour before the market is closed on weekends. The price is based on the system display. When market fluctuations are large, the spread may be adjusted according to market conditions. The price is based on the system display. Yufeng Holding Group receives standard spreads, but usually adjusts the spreads before the market is closed on weekends. The company reserves the right to adjust the spreads collected by the trading platform at any time without prior notice. The company has the right to interpret and determine the spreads. .

1. The client can deposit funds for the client’s trading account according to the capital injection method provided on the company’s website.
2. Unless the company verifies that it has received the customer’s capital injection, the company will not be able to process the capital injection for the customer. 3. If the customer injects funds through bank transfer, the transaction costs are borne by the customer himself.

1. The customer’s ID card and bank card photocopy must be submitted to the company before the first withdrawal, otherwise the company will not accept the client’s withdrawal application.
2. The remittance procedure fee incurred by the customer for a single withdrawal of $ 50 or more shall be borne by the company.
3. If the customer applies for a single withdrawal of less than 50 US dollars, the company will charge 3 US dollars as the remittance handling fee.
4. When the customer’s transaction amount when applying for withdrawal is less than 50% of the injection amount, the company will charge 6% of the withdrawal amount as the remittance handling fee.
5. The company will begin processing the receipt of the withdrawal application, and it is expected to process within 2 hours according to the process and remit the money.
6. Due to third-party reasons, the speed at which banks can process payments is beyond the Company’s control and accuracy. Therefore, the customer may not be able to receive the withdrawal within 2 hours. The client agrees not to pursue the responsibility of Yufeng Holding Group for the time when the payment arrives more than 2 hours.
7. The currency of the account depends on the region where the customer’s receiving bank card is located. The currency of the bank card customer in the mainland is RMB, the currency of the bank card customer in Hong Kong is Hong Kong dollar, and the currency of the customer in other regions is US dollar. .
8. Yufeng Holding Group reserves all rights of interpretation and decision on capital injection and withdrawal fees.

exchange rate
All non-US dollar deposits will be converted into U.S. dollars. When withdrawing money, the company will exchange the corresponding currency for the customer according to the market exchange rate. The client agrees that the company will convert at the market exchange rate provided.
Validity period of pending order and stop loss profit setting
Pending orders and stop-loss profit settings are valid for one trading week. After the market is closed on weekends, all pending orders and pending stop-loss profit settings will be cancelled. If necessary, customers can reset it after the market opens on Monday. In addition, international holidays need to be closed, and all pending orders and pending stop / profit settings will also be cancelled.

Limits on short positions
If a customer holds a large number of trading orders for less than 5 minutes, it may be included in the scope of abnormal transactions. Yufeng Holdings Group has the final interpretation right in short-term transactions. Transaction history and transaction records. The company reserves the announcement when a dispute occurs between the customer and the company Client’s transaction history and transaction records to clarify their powers.

Trading platform execution mechanism
The customer understands and agrees that the trading platform handles orders in accordance with its own execution mechanism. When multiple orders reach the effective price at the same time, the execution order is not in accordance with the arrival order, and the order of establishing the transaction order will also be one of the determining factors. For any order related to the platform’s processing of simultaneous arrival transaction orders, the client agrees to take the trading platform’s processing mechanism as the standard, and Yufeng Holdings Group has the final interpretation power on the trading platform’s processing mechanism.

Set distance
The distance between the pending order and the Stop Loss / Take Profit may be set differently in different time periods. Yufeng Holding Group reserves the right to change the set distance at any time without prior notice. All set distances are subject to the actual settings of the trading platform system.

Re-quote allowed distance
The trading platform comes with a non-slip point function. When the price submitted is different from the price processed by the server, the system will re-quote and wait for the customer to confirm. The customer can set the allowable deviation by himself. The maximum deviation between the allowable price and the current price is the range that the customer indicated is acceptable without re-quoting. When the market fluctuates greatly and the price jumps fast, even if the allowable deviation set by the customer is large, it may be because the price no longer exists in the market. , Or deviate too much from the current market price to close the deal.

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